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It’s All Happening at the Zoo…

In historic places, NYC Today on May 21, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Living in NYC, each month I try to visit one place I have never been or do one thing I have never done.  It was time to visit The Bronx Zoo.

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Since I wasn’t familiar with the Bronx, this was the perfect time to begin the adventure.  It was a warm Tuesday in August; the sun was shining and the temperature was mid to high 80’s.

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With my pack loaded with camera & film, I caught the #5 train heading north.

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Entering at the Asia Gate, I began my exploration through the African Plains.

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It was lunchtime as I approached the Baboon Reserve…

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…so I sat with a Peacock and enjoyed my PB&J.

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Past the Bears and on to Tiger Mountain.

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Finally, the journey ended in the Congo where the trees are tall and shady-a place the Gorilla’s call home.  Fabulous!

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Until next time.


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Enjoy a “MOVIE Short” touring the zoo: