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In nyc photographer on July 8, 2015 at 6:37 am

Each story presented here on this blog has helped me find the voice in my head, the direction I’m intended to go with my photography.  As a result of this, my focus for 2015 and beyond is in documentary story telling.  I have created a new website for these stories. I call it “KRUSZEWSKI MEDIA, where uncommon stories unfold…”


Drop by sometime and take a read.  And thank you for supporting my efforts.  Have a great summer.


Until next time.


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Celebrating 5 Years

In nyc photographer, NYC Today on June 27, 2011 at 9:58 am

Thank you to all clients and friends of 51art for an amazing five years!

On New Years Eve sitting along the East River,  a wonderful idea came to me.  This moment would define my new goals for 2011; two projects centering around the activities of the Upper East Side. Both based in photography; both based in community.

-The first is 51art flavor, an online-magazine which brings together food, wine, art, photography-the “flavors” of the neighborhood.  There is so much creative energy in this part of town.  My goal is to bring it together here.  Bernadette who is interning this summer, will be writing fabulous articles about her discoveries.  Check back monthly for updates!

-The second is a project which documents life on and along the East River.  Most recently I’ve had the privilege of working with the men and women who are rebuilding the East 78th Street footbridge.  Rain, snow, heat, these folks are out there everyday making it happen.

I continue to photograph the work of some of the most talented interior designers here in New York City.  Their designs inspire and transform.  Truly amazing.

I have also expanded my photography to portraits and headshots.   Clients include actors, musicians, singers, dancers, business owners and more.

And when there is down time, I work on my fine art b&w’s where this journey began.

Each day for me is full of joy, of passion, of creativity.  I can’t imagine life any other way.

And could not do it without you.

Thank you so much!

Hold true to your passions and great things will come.


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A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

In NYC Today on June 14, 2010 at 4:46 pm

The expression:  when you least expect it….something wonderful happens.  For me, it was about a month ago.  A new health and fitness magazine is launching in NYC and I have been asked to be Editor in Chief.  Very, VERY, exciting!

After doing some brainstorming, I discovered a great organization on the Hudson River that offers free kayaking to the public.  This was the right topic to focus on for the first magazine.  This fully volunteer group is known as The New York City Downtown Boathouse.

To get things started, I wanted to visit the boat house on Pier 96 and learn more about what they do and get ideas for some of the features.  Maybe line up a few people for interviews and photograph the activity on and off the water. Yesterday afternoon was open to begin the research, so I headed over to the west side of town.

The sky was partially cloudy and there was a chance of rain in the forecast.  I wanted to believe the showers would pass quickly and there would be a beautiful sunset in the background as the last Kayaks came in for the day.  The perfect photograph.

Instead, the brief shower turned in to a major downpour.  Only one boater was on the dock pulling in his craft-everything else was abandoned.

Since I had my camera in hand and was already wet, it seemed silly not to take advantage of the situation.  Balancing an umbrella with my chin, I held the camera with 2 hands and began shooting.  It really was a beautiful afternoon!

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So, next time I’ll have to pay better attention to the forecast and plan accordingly.  Maybe even use the rain poncho I had in my pack…

And over the next few weeks a visit to the boat house, on a clear day will be in order.  The story must be told!

Until next time.

Teresa, 51art

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Fine Art Portfolio Review

In NYC Today on May 30, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Professional Fine Art Portfolio Review, this is what I experienced on Wednesday May 26, 2010.  It was organized by the New York City Chapter of the ASMP.  There would be 40 individuals to review each of our portfolios of work.

This was my very first portfolio review.  EVER.  The day before/of the event I worked from 10:00am until 1:30am, fine tuning and printing 20 of my best Black & White film images.  A simple portfolio case was purchased the Saturday before to hold the prints.  I hoped it would look professional enough as I was going to be showing work with some of the best commercial/fine art photographers in NYC to some of the most prestigious art directors, magazine publishers, gallery owners, etc. in the photography world.

As I prepared my work for the review, my confidence began to build.  However, being new to this process there was always the nagging doubt about my artistic ability.  Let me mention again, I was playing in the big league now.  I took a deep breath and decided better to take the plunge and face the fear.  (You just never know until you try…..right?!)

In between printing, I took some time to read through the Bio’s of each of the 40 reviewers that were participating.  After the OMG moment passed, I ran to the dry cleaner to get my best suit.  (Chock it up to spending 20+ years in the corporate world!)  The people that would be looking at my portfolio were heavy hitters in the art world.  These creatives could take an unknown photographer and launch a career!

Let me give you a few examples-

  • Elizabeth Avedon: Independent Curator and Consultant.  Formerly Creative Director for The Gere Foundation, Art Director for Polo Ralph Lauren national advertising and a co-founder of Tibet House, NYC.
  • Stella Kramer: Photography Consultant.  Pulitzer Prize-winning Photo Editor who worked at such major publications as The New York Times, PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and Newsweek.
  • Alex Niki: Editor in Chief, Resource Magazine
  • Ruben Natal-San Miguel: Photographer/Curator/Art Collector/Writer

The images chosen were a cross section of the work created over the past 3 years.  A better portfolio would have been a cohesive story but I wanted to show a bit of what I’ve done to see what the experts thought was great work.  Interestingly enough, my newer work created over the last few months had the most favorable response.

The doubt of whether or not I had an artistic eye was no longer, as these reviewers commented that I had what it took.  Continue shooting with passion and powerful, emotional images will follow.  I was in awe of their accomplishments and was humbled by their response to my work.  Walking out of the session, 3 hours and 6 reviewers later, I felt like I could conquer the world.  There is a lot of work ahead, but I am very excited to continue the journey.

Thank you ASMP and all the participants of the evening.  It was an amazing experience.  Looking forward to next year!

Below are the 7 images that each reviewer found to be my most compelling.

Until next time.

teresa, 51art
adventure is life, live it! ®

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Inspiration in the most Unexpected Places

In NYC Today on April 13, 2010 at 7:54 pm

On February 13th as I was walking to the subway, I noticed a message written on a discarded futon mattress:  “become your dream”.  (It was trash day…)  My first thought was that a college student was creative and upon moving left a final thought.

Crossing over First Avenue in another pile of trash I saw the same message written on a discarded box:  “become your dream”.  The message began to resonate-it was powerful.

As I crossed Second Avenue I wondered where the message would surface on this block.  I was not disappointed.

Today on April 13, (uncanny that it’s the same date 2 months later) walking by my local ice cream shop Sedutto, I saw the words “become your dream” on the base of their front counter.  I had to go in.  The manager stated the artist was “James De La Vega,  a well known street artist“.  A very simple message that has created a movement throughout the world.

You just never know where inspiration will be found!

Until next time!

Teresa, 51art

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The Elephants Come to Town

In NYC History, NYC Today on March 23, 2010 at 11:53 pm

As a photographer, I look for new ways to document New York City life.  To discover moments that may be overlooked as we hurry along with our days; to share the unexpected.  Tonight was one of those occasions.

A year ago in March there was a news story that intrigued me.  Every year, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey marches their elephants through the city streets when the circus comes to town.  Since elephants don’t usually wander around Manhattan, I knew this was a spectacle that needed to be photographed.  Planning a year out, I put this on my calendar to get the details.  In February I contacted customer service. They told me “The elephant walk is scheduled for Monday, March 22 @ 11:59 PM”.

I tried to gather information from past events, but very little existed.  The Mommy Poppins Blog had a possible explanation/origin of this walk:  “the circus elephants can’t go up the Penn Station escalators, they need to get off the circus train a stop early in Queens and walk through the Mid-Town Tunnel, and straight across Manhattan to Madison Square Garden”.

So based on this information (or lack thereof) I envisioned a slow moving, large animal procession that would last at least 30 minutes.  I prepared my two camera’s and waited on 34th Street near the tunnel exit.

It was a rainy night, so from time to time a downpour would break up the waiting/anticipation.  There were a few people in the crowd that had contacts on the Queens side and were giving status reports of the elephant progression through the tunnel.

About 1:00am the Elephants Came to Town!  There were 6 baby elephants with their handlers that moved like horses trotting down the lane.  It took me a moment to realize that what I expected to happen and what actually happened were two very different things.   The shot I was dreaming about, planning for days was not going to happen!

The elephants were followed by a group of small circus ponies and then some bicycle riding clowns.  POOF! it was over.  In less than 5 minutes the circus passed me by…

Aside from the long wait in the rain, it was a great experience.  Next year I will know better, and be ready for those quick moving pachyderms.

Until next time!

Teresa, 51art

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March 17, 2011:  Due to construction at MSG, the circus will not be in NYC this year.

A Slice of New York City Life

In NYC History on September 5, 2009 at 5:45 am

The East River MysteryNew York City photography has existed in many forms over many years. As long as there has been a camera, photographers have been drawn in to capture the essence of this vibrant town.

I am one of these photographers-my niche is the street. From the everyday adventure of living in New York City, to finding a new perspective on the mundane, my photography is a “moment in time” captured on black & white film.

I have taken these fine art black & white images and designed a new line of note cards with “a Touch of Yellow” and a little bit of history. These designs have been inspired by living here and “seeing” what happens on the street, on the rivers, on the subways, and so on.

Going forward, I will share the historical “tid-bits” that unfold as I do my research.  Some findings are truly fascinating and could only happen in New York!

This photograph of the Chrysler building I took while cruising around Manhattan on the Circle Line-what an amazing structure!  As fascinating as the building continues to be, what I found more interesting was the East River.  The behavior of the current was not a natural flow.  I needed to uncover what was going on (unless I was losing my mind!).  I did some inquiring with the local Tug Boat Operator; he stated that the current changed it’s flow four times a day based on the tide.   How wonderful to finally have the answer!  Read below for more details:

East River Mystery Solved!

Until next time!

-Teresa, 51art

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