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Strolling the Boulevard

In NYC Today on February 2, 2014 at 5:35 pm


Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  (Superb Owl Day-Steven Colbert…)  The game is being played in East Rutherford, NJ or New York City WEST.  At game time the temperature should be in the low 40’s.

New York City and New Jersey have been preparing for this grand event for months and set pre-game celebrations in motion a week before the big game. GMC created the Super Bowl Boulevard, closing Broadway from 47th to 34th Street, Herald Square in front of Macy’s.

For the most part I am not a sports fan. However I do hold season tickets to the Yankees, I love being in the stadium where all that energy lives.  Any game live of any sport is always a kick to see.

The sensationalism and excesses that the Super Bowl generates, I tend to ignore. Even here in my fair city I have been unphased by all that is going on.

BUT as a photographer I am always drawn to “once in a lifetime” opportunities; I would be remiss if I let this pass by without one image.

So what better day than THE day to immerse myself.

At 7:45am I arrived in Herald Square. The sun was rising and the streets had just a few people wandering about. I scanned the scene and noticed quite a bit of activity by the tented area. After inquiring, I learned “The Boulevard” had transported folks to another place all week, but its’ time was over. By 12:00pm it would be a faint memory.

Here is what I saw:

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Happy Ground Hog Day!