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Why Professional Organizations are Good for the Soul

In ny, nyc photographer, NYC Today on September 10, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I joined the “American Society of Media Photographers” (NYC Chapter-ASMPNY) about 3.5 years ago.  Two years ago, I became the treasurer and board member.

  • Not only does this organization keep photographers aware of the changes in our industry
  • it continues to educate it’s members
  • it advocates for photographers rights
  • it continues to drive the industry standard for artists and clients.

I have been incredibly inspired by what we do for our members, as well as what it has done for me personally.

Within our large chapter, are smaller groups we call “brain-trusts”.  These groups meet monthly.  Some are specialized (e.g. fine art, fashion) and some are general (members shoot all types of work).  These groups allow a safe space for colleagues to get feedback on what they are working on, ask for opinions on how to pursue an idea or project, and a means to hold one accountable for what they will accomplish in the next 30 days.

This group has been the best thing for me as a professional-when you know you have to face these folks and say why you “didn’t” achieve you goal, they give you reasons why you should go on.

Professional photographers for the most part work alone-thoughts are constantly kicking around in ones head.  This group gives the opportunity to share these ideas and make them actionable.  Our network is strong, and the support reaches beyond the meeting for each other throughout our individual journeys.  Our dynamic leader (and talented fashion photographer) Frank Rocco keeps us all focused.  Thank you for that!

One of many discussions at our June meeting was how to get your work seen outside of the Chelsea Galleries.  Susan Farley suggested a place on City Island where she has shown her work from time to time.  I took her suggestion and contacted the gallery.

Ron Terner, an amazing photographer in his own right, started the Focal Point Gallery for artists that were not yet known in the community.  This was perfect.  He accepted one of my fine art images for the July show.

I’ve now shown multiple pieces over the past three months.  It’s a wonderful space.  Each month he holds an opening party for the gallery; the most recent opening was Friday September 6.  The work will be up all month.

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It’s really a treat to visit the space.  And after you view the artwork, you can dine on some local seafood.  Enjoy the show!

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