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A Simple Spring Afternoon

In NYC History, nyc photographer, NYC Today on April 10, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Over the past 3 months, I’ve been working toward bringing my photography business to the next level.  “Focus, stay on course, keep your eye on the prize…and so on”.  As with all artists, we constantly look for ways to grow personally, develop a style that is true to our souls, created something that we can be proud of and have someone in the world to connect with/to.

With these goals also comes procrastination.  Sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of being overwhelmed.   Although I suppose this is true for everyone when being faced with something that could potentially change your life.  [This of course is is what we want, just taking those steps to get there “we get in our own way”.]

OK, so back to the title of this piece-yes reader there is an connection!

Yesterday was the first real spring day that I had free time (or I made the time).  The temperature was in the 70’s, with clear skies above.

I joined the New York Botanical Garden in November of last year.  I visited a few times over the last couple of months, each time it was cold and grey.  The Orchid Show was in it’s last weeks and this seemed to be the perfect time to go.

photoORCHID 3

A Tuesday afternoon after all the school vacation breaks had passed, the garden was empty and peaceful.  The daffodils were in full bloom.  Small purple and yellow flowers popped up throughout the grounds.  The grass was so green and inviting I had to run my fingers across the blades.  With “Sting” in my ears I laid down on the sunny hill and let the warmth surround me.

The hour trip to the Bronx turned into a wonderful 3 hour respite.  I walked through the Pine Trees, the Perennial Garden and the hidden gem known as the Rock Garden.  I spent time in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory where the Orchids exploded with color throughout this amazing exhibit.  Outside at the water lilly pond I sat and watched the ducks and koi swim about.

photoORCHID 7

Nature in its grandeur, with a little help from man made this a glorious spring afternoon.(All photo’s taken with iPhone 3G)

Now that I am rejuvenated it’s time to continue on.  Enjoy!

Until next time.


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