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New York City Life Along the East River

In NYC Today on September 12, 2009 at 1:53 pm

As with most of us, the details of our surroundings are taken for granted until we are ready to see them.  As a NYC photographer, I am fortunate to live on the East River.  Each day I try to appreciate the wonder before mStone House on Roosevelt Islande.  My view across to Roosevelt Island is not as exciting as the view back (where the residents see the NYC skyline), but I actually love watching the activity on and off the water.  There is a little stone house across the way and seems lost among the new buildings.  I wonder what its story is, how does it fit into the fabric of New York City history.  And more than once after a summer shower,  I have seen a rainbow end at this cottage.  Could there be a pot of gold?  Could the Wizard live there?  These pictures of landscape are magical!

The East River CurrentAs you discovered in the “East River Mystery” , the river is salt water.  Depending on which direction the wind blows it actually smells like the beach.  And just like the ocean, the water can be active or calm depending on the storms and the tides.

On a daily basis there are many pleasure crafts, barges, tugboats and working vessels that sail down to New York Harbor and back.   On this particular day, I noticed the water was very choppy and the wind was remarkably strong.  The sun was brilliant and reflected off the river back to me like shimmering diamonds.  I wanted to share these images with you so that you too could see what a beautiful, summer day was like on the river here on the East Side of Manhattan-a bit of New York City life.

Circle Line sails down the East River toward the 59th Street Bridge

Activity along the river edge

Each day this vessel sails up and down the river

A view down the river from East 81st Street

81st Street Footbridge

The need for speed

When I came home that night the movement of the river was completely different from the afternoon.  The winds were gone and the surface of the water was still.  I wanted to capture the light reflection just as I did during the day.  The night seems to be a bit more intriguing.   I hope you feel the same.

Night life on the FDR

East River Lights 1

East River Lights 2

East River Lights 3

East River Lights 4

Until next time!

Teresa, 51art

adventure is life, live it! ®

A Slice of New York City Life

In NYC History on September 5, 2009 at 5:45 am

The East River MysteryNew York City photography has existed in many forms over many years. As long as there has been a camera, photographers have been drawn in to capture the essence of this vibrant town.

I am one of these photographers-my niche is the street. From the everyday adventure of living in New York City, to finding a new perspective on the mundane, my photography is a “moment in time” captured on black & white film.

I have taken these fine art black & white images and designed a new line of note cards with “a Touch of Yellow” and a little bit of history. These designs have been inspired by living here and “seeing” what happens on the street, on the rivers, on the subways, and so on.

Going forward, I will share the historical “tid-bits” that unfold as I do my research.  Some findings are truly fascinating and could only happen in New York!

This photograph of the Chrysler building I took while cruising around Manhattan on the Circle Line-what an amazing structure!  As fascinating as the building continues to be, what I found more interesting was the East River.  The behavior of the current was not a natural flow.  I needed to uncover what was going on (unless I was losing my mind!).  I did some inquiring with the local Tug Boat Operator; he stated that the current changed it’s flow four times a day based on the tide.   How wonderful to finally have the answer!  Read below for more details:

East River Mystery Solved!

Until next time!

-Teresa, 51art

adventure is life, live it! ®