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A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

In NYC Today on June 14, 2010 at 4:46 pm

The expression:  when you least expect it….something wonderful happens.  For me, it was about a month ago.  A new health and fitness magazine is launching in NYC and I have been asked to be Editor in Chief.  Very, VERY, exciting!

After doing some brainstorming, I discovered a great organization on the Hudson River that offers free kayaking to the public.  This was the right topic to focus on for the first magazine.  This fully volunteer group is known as The New York City Downtown Boathouse.

To get things started, I wanted to visit the boat house on Pier 96 and learn more about what they do and get ideas for some of the features.  Maybe line up a few people for interviews and photograph the activity on and off the water. Yesterday afternoon was open to begin the research, so I headed over to the west side of town.

The sky was partially cloudy and there was a chance of rain in the forecast.  I wanted to believe the showers would pass quickly and there would be a beautiful sunset in the background as the last Kayaks came in for the day.  The perfect photograph.

Instead, the brief shower turned in to a major downpour.  Only one boater was on the dock pulling in his craft-everything else was abandoned.

Since I had my camera in hand and was already wet, it seemed silly not to take advantage of the situation.  Balancing an umbrella with my chin, I held the camera with 2 hands and began shooting.  It really was a beautiful afternoon!

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So, next time I’ll have to pay better attention to the forecast and plan accordingly.  Maybe even use the rain poncho I had in my pack…

And over the next few weeks a visit to the boat house, on a clear day will be in order.  The story must be told!

Until next time.

Teresa, 51art

adventure is life, live it! ®