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The Blizzard that Wasn’t…at Least in NYC

In NYC History, nyc photographer, NYC Today on January 29, 2015 at 4:04 pm

I love a good snow storm.  A blizzard even better, especially if it shuts down the “city that never sleeps” for a day or two.  There is something special about the quiet and stillness that Mother Nature brings to us.  And it gives a photographer a clean canvas to create a new story.

012515_iPhone 5_2772The Weather Channel and local news were doing everything they could to prepare it’s audience for the “big event”.  Grocery and hardware stores were reaping the benefits of this forecast as customers waited outside in long lines, only to find empty shelves and longer checkout lines inside.

The Governor and Mayor of New York/City determined a State of Emergency would be best to keep it’s citizens safe for the anticipated weather event.  (And it allowed the folks that clear the roads a safe way to do their jobs.)

The impending doom would happen sometime in the overnight hours and throughout the day on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

I listened to the forecast until 2:30am and determined getting up in a few hours would be a great time to see how this storm impacted New York City.  This is what I discovered.


Beyond the city limits and north to Maine, the impact was much greater.  People lost power.  Winds blew upwards of 70MPH.  Snow drifted to feet vs. inches.  I wish all my readers safety and hope recovery is swift.

Stay warm.  And thanks for taking the time to watch.


Until next time.


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When Was the Last Time You Stopped and Looked at a SnowFlake?

In nyc photographer, NYC Today on January 21, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Today in NYC we are experiencing a snow storm with blizzard conditions.  The weather forecasters say anywhere from 4-12″ when all is said and done by early Wednesday morning.  It even has a name, Janus.

I love snow.  This morning I ran errands with winds and flakes whipping around me.  In my Sorel’s, I walked confidently along the snowy pavement;  even passed by some slower walkers (in hopes that their umbrellas would protect them) as they navigated to safer routes.  There was about 2″ on the ground at that point.

2 hours have passed since then.  It looks like we have 4″ accumulated at this time.

Now I should be doing what remains of the household choirs.  But for some reason I seem to be procrastinating.  Instead, I sat down on my couch and looked out the window to admire this beautiful storm.  I watched the snow fall and contemplated how I could capture this moment.

The window framed the scene, so I took my iPhone out and started shooting a video of the falling snow.  I happened to look down at the sill and saw in the grey light, a snow flake glistening up at me.  I looked closer and saw more distinct shapes making this beautiful blanket of white.  (The snow is light and dry and the shapes are easily defined.)

I quickly grabbed my good camera, threw open the sash and stood in the open frame balancing between inside and out.  Snow started to fall inside my apartment; these flakes were glorious.


I can’t remember the last time I stopped and really looked at a snow flake.


Until next time.


adventure is life, live it! ®