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A Slice of New York City Life

In NYC History on September 5, 2009 at 5:45 am

The East River MysteryNew York City photography has existed in many forms over many years. As long as there has been a camera, photographers have been drawn in to capture the essence of this vibrant town.

I am one of these photographers-my niche is the street. From the everyday adventure of living in New York City, to finding a new perspective on the mundane, my photography is a “moment in time” captured on black & white film.

I have taken these fine art black & white images and designed a new line of note cards with “a Touch of Yellow” and a little bit of history. These designs have been inspired by living here and “seeing” what happens on the street, on the rivers, on the subways, and so on.

Going forward, I will share the historical “tid-bits” that unfold as I do my research.  Some findings are truly fascinating and could only happen in New York!

This photograph of the Chrysler building I took while cruising around Manhattan on the Circle Line-what an amazing structure!  As fascinating as the building continues to be, what I found more interesting was the East River.  The behavior of the current was not a natural flow.  I needed to uncover what was going on (unless I was losing my mind!).  I did some inquiring with the local Tug Boat Operator; he stated that the current changed it’s flow four times a day based on the tide.   How wonderful to finally have the answer!  Read below for more details:

East River Mystery Solved!

Until next time!

-Teresa, 51art

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