Fifth After Midnight: THREE CHURCHES

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111614_Strolling Fifth Avenue After Midnight_9080

THREE CHURCHES will come to you as the final entry of this series.  Please take a moment to understand the extremes and ironies within these 10 blocks.

The most luxurious hotels, designers and jewels are available here.  Visitors from around the world plan their trips according to fashion calendars so that they may adorn themselves with the best & newest money can buy.

Along this section of Fifth Avenue are 3 churches interspersed among the shops.

111014_Strolling Fifth Avenue After Midnight_8865

One is a Cathedral brightly lit at all hours to keep it’s perimeter on view.


 Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

and Saint Thomas Episcopal Church are a bit more welcoming.

Folks that can’t afford a metro card,  linger on these steps seeking possible refuge or at least a place to lay their heads for a few hours.

Fifth Avenue “spares no expense” for holiday lights and window displays.  As beautiful as it is, there is another side to consider.


Until next time.


adventure is life, live it! ®


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