Behind the Scenes of an Independent Film

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 When a good friend asks:

“Hey, do you want to shoot some stills for a new Independent Film I’m producing?”

Without hesitation, the answer is YES!  Especially if that friend is Kevin Michael Reed.



I am always up for a good adventure, and to be part of this film makes it a great adventure.

The crew started earlier on this beautiful September day at a beach on Long Island shooting part one.   I joined them that evening on Randall’s Island to complete the sequence.  We began shooting around 7:00pm.


092714_Randalls Island Trailer-STILLS FROM LOCATION SHOOT_0135


The film is Rolling with Virgil ; the scene is “Dream with Me”.

Screen writer and creator of this project Conrad Shaw has a unique vision to bring his story to the world.  With his Director Matthew Landin, and Producer Kevin Michael Reed, they are well on their way.

It was an amazing night.  The weather was perfect, and the action was continuous.  Here is a sampling of what we did:



To learn more about this project visit the movie’s website:


092814_Randalls Island Trailer-STILLS FROM LOCATION SHOOT_0391-2


Until next time.


adventure is life, live it! ®

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