July 4th, NYC Style

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Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  “Summer in the city…”

It is also the day that I kick back and see the world in a different way.  It’s a day I seriously “people watch” as you will find many wonderful things going on all around you.

Children acting without a care in the world-just relishing the  joy of being a child.  Families laughing, playing games, having picnics together.

It is also a day for hot dog lovers.  Enter Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Last 4th of July, I braved the beaches and crowds of Coney Island.  Little did I know what lie ahead.  I parked myself on a bench and watched through my camera lens.  Fascinating. But then again, people watching always is….

I then ventured down to the waters edge.  And walked toward the main beach.  As I got closer and closer, the density of sun worshipers increased.  It seriously reminded me of being on the 6 train during rush hour.

Children and adults alike, did not seemed phased one bit.  Instead they were having a heck of a time rubbing suntan lotion on loved ones, digging holes and building sandcastles. Exactly what one does when at the beach.

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Tomorrow, I will probably find myself back at Coney Island once again.  Why not?  It’s how we celebrate July 4th,  New York City Style!

Have a Happy!


Until next time.


adventure is life, live it! ®

  1. These photos are gorgeous! You surely have summed up 4th of July in New York City! That is how I have felt my whole life here and it is also one of my most favorite days of the year too! Cheers! Great work!

  2. Fantastic photos! I’ve never been to Coney Island, so thanks for the mini trip there. A neat effect of your photos being in black and white rather than color, you can still tell how bright the day must’ve been.

  3. I’ve never been to nyc yet I love your city! Can’t wait to visit it someday. Great post. Have a happy too!

  4. Wonderful! I’m actually about to head over to NYC in less than 20 minutes; I live in CT. I hope the fireworks are great this year!

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    I was orginally born and raised in New York City in the early 40’s and 50’s. This WordPress posting brought back many great memories for me. Enjoy…John J. Rigo

  6. What a delightful journal of life in a place that — no matter how the rest of the world ebbs and flows around it — will always have its own unique charm! Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed.” Your photography is excellent.

  7. Great photo’s! I am a fan of black/white or Sepia, I think they add depth to a story. Also, just as a mention….I love NYC any day of the year! Living in Western NY I can’t get there as often as I’d like but when I do get a chance I soak in every step I walk!
    Enjoy your 4th where ever you spend it!

  8. Everyone, thank you so much! Have a great holiday.

  9. Happy 4th of July! Really enjoyed reading your post

  10. Hahaha well my mom plays in a band on the boardwalk, so if you see a tall puerto ricin woman go say hi!

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    “Hot Time In The City” HAPPY JULY 4TH 2012!!!

  13. Great work Teresa. When I look at the photos I’m reminded of some of the street scenes of the “old” masters!

  14. Congratulation on being freshly pressed!

  15. I grew up on that beach by way of my grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Blogged about my trip to Coney Island last year too:

  16. love the vintage hues! excellent shots!

  17. Nice look at Coney Island. There are so many fascinating people, and you found some very interesting moments. I like your black and white style as well.


  18. Everyone, thank you so much for commenting and following/liking this story. It is very exciting to be “freshly pressed” (for the first time) and to have so many wonderful people taking the time to read my story. You all are the best!

  19. Nice shoots, very calm atmosphere 🙂

  20. These are great photographs! I love seeing artful representations of different cultures and holidays, and fourth of July is no exception! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wonderful photos, and wonderful stories that they tell to me, too. My daughter was born on July 5th. Tomorrow she will be seven years old. So, it will be another special day. Teresa, congratulations for your work from Spain.

    • Thank you so much. Please wish your daughter a very happy birthday from someone in New York City. Cheers!

      • I’ll wish. I’ve been twice at NYC and she wants go with me the next time (I love the city). I’ll take her to Coney Island, as a present for this day. Before, I’ll show her your photos. 😉

  22. Love the second shot!! Great photos!

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    This is a very nice post!

  24. Beautiful way to spend the day!

  25. We would love to post the top photo at toemail if you do not mind?

  26. awesome pictures!!! looks like you had a blast!! 🙂

  27. Gosh, I love your snaps. It shows how fun this whole experience was. Glad to stop by on this post. 🙂

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  29. Awesome!! As an amatuer photog I love telling a “story” w/photos. I,too, love the B&W medium. I’m currently on a 4 month journey. I am scheduled to be in NYC in 2 weeks for the first time. Really looking forward to it. I’ve got my NIKON ready.

    Check out my blog Tales from the Beast and the blog roll posts as well.

  30. Brilliant photography, and was a pleasure to read as well 🙂

  31. Love the pictures! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Your post makes me want to go to NY for next year’s celebration.

  32. Hi,
    Great black & white images! Candid and fun! I know what you mean about people watching and photographing on the beach. Did the same in June on Waikiki beach and had a blast 🙂

  33. Absolutely amazing!! Your Freshly Pressed feature is well deserved, bravo!:)

  34. Stupentabulo fantastically clicked !!

  35. Congratulatins on the freshly pressed! I really like this post – my mother was from the Bronx and I often think of the difficulties of her growing up…but this makes me see the light and good side – well done!

  36. These photos are beautiful! Keep it up and congrats on being FP!

  37. Love your pics! I spent July 4th, Melting w/ the METS and even though they got tanked it was a great way to celebrate freedom! Plus we saw the Naked Cowboy on our way home through the city. Nice. Gotta love New York!!!

  38. Beautiful pictures. I’m glad you didn’t take any of the hot dog eating contest. From the little I’ve seen on TV, it’s not something I want to look at for too long…

    Your pictures embody summer so well. They’re just beautiful.

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  40. I was people watching too for the 4th, but in Chicago…best way to spend the day! Cheers!

  41. I love NYC — your photos have a very nostalgic feel about them. Congrats on being FP’d.

  42. Great b&w’s. I love people pictures! Make you feel like you’re there!

  43. Thank you 😦 it’s Japan is very similar

  44. I must say I love these photos… and envy their lifestyle!

  45. Nice images. Please check out my fourth of July images in today’s blog. 😉

  46. […] just want to thank WordPress for Freshly Pressing my “July 4th, NYC Style” […]

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